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Success Stories

egob: a Mayansoft’s success story

Mayansoft is the creator of the famous egob® Integral Technological Platform, the Government platform with the most recognition in Mexico through the different awards and mentions that its clients have received over more than ten years since its launching on the market.

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Today Mayansoft continues to develop new features actively and provide support and maintenance to this robust platform, made up of more than 14 systems that work together to serve all levels of government in Mexico.

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Many governments that use the egob® platform have won awards for different achievements. For example, in 2021, two of the four states that obtained the highest rating (100 points) for compliance with the accounting regulations according to the IMCO (Mexican Institute of Competitiveness) are users of the egob® platform.
mayansoft | egob state report of the 2021 expenditure exercise global result IEEG 2021

“State report of the 2021 expenditure exercise. Global results IEEG 2021. Score achived by each state”

In government municipalities, the egob® platform has reaped several successes also; for example, the Merida City Council has been recognized as a leader in the fiscal year by occupying the first place at the national level for implementing the PbR-SED (Results-Based Budgeting and Performance Evaluation System), with the advancement of 80.1% in 2017. See more information:  https://www.eleconomista.com.mx/esta-dos/Merida-lider-en-ejercicio-fiscal-20170511-0033.html

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