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Dedicated Team

We use a structured process to build a specialized, scalable, and adaptable team according to the specific requirements of your projects.

Our high-performance software professionals provide you with the expertise you need to get your project done.

Why should you hire a software dedicated team?

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Choose according to your needs

It is around 40% cheaper than hiring a team on your own. Furthermore, you get access to the best Mexican software developers in a limited industry supply.

Focus on your business

Take care of what is most important for you. We manage head-hunting, payroll, and logistics when building software-dedicated teams.

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The vetting process

Everybody knows hiring the right person could be a challenge. In Mayansoft, we take the vetting process very seriously, we use technical tests and interviews to evaluate candidates’ hard and soft skills.

How does it work?

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Share your requirements

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Candidate screening

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Choose candidates according to your needs

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Remote onboarding

Why you should

build your team with us?

Competitive rates

Save up to 50-60% by hiring the best software developers from Mexico

Experienced talent

You get access to experienced candidates ready to join your team

Time zone

Our nearshore company operates only 1 hour behind US Eastern Time

Short distance

1-hour flight
from US East Coast

Higher retention

We offer competitive benefits to retain our talent

Easy replacement

If the professionals don’t match your requirements, we’ll suggest a replacement that makes it work

IT professional support

We have an entire team dedicated to providing support

Cultural fit

Our talents fully integrate into your team and structure


We leverage various programming languages and frameworks, databases, and other tools to provide web and mobile solutions which help our clients drive business value and innovation.

Programing Lenguajes - MayanSoft

Programming languages

– C#
– CSS 3
– Java
– Javascript
– Visual Basic .NET
– Microsoft ASP .NET
– jQuery
– Angular
– NG-Zorro
– Blazor
– Python

Database - MayanSoft


– MS SQL Server
– SQL Azure
– SQLite
– PostgreSQL
– Oracle Database
– MongoDB
– MariaDB

Mobile plataform - MayanSoft

Mobile Platforms

– iOS
– Android
– Xamarin
– React Native
– Firebase

Tools - MayanSoft


– Enterprise Architect
– Visual Studio
– Azure DevOps
– Azure Services
– AWS Services
– Git
– SQL Management Studio / Azure Data Studio
– SonarQube
– Crystal Reports
– Power BI
– Reporting Services
– Selenium

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